Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Reversible Painted Doormat

Today's the day!!!

If y'all remember, my inspiration was a handful of wooden doormats from various sources.

I combined a bunch of them together to get a mat that jived a little better with my personal style.  Without further ado, my "Reversible 2x2 Wooden Slat Doormat".  How's that for a title?!

It took a bit of time...maybe 4-5 hours total?  Maybe not even that long.  But it was a super satisfying, fairly simple, & fun project to tackle!

First thing's first...prep:

After all of the paint was slapped on (I used something like 12 colors...all of which I already had on hand), I thought it was a little bright & new looking for my taste.

So, in came the old sander.  (I started with a sanding block, but for the sake of every muscle in my arm, I quickly turned to my electric palm sander - much easier!)

Then I wiped another layer of stain right over the paint.  (You can see the finished slats on the left, the un-stained slats on the right.)

Took it outside & sprayed a clear sealing coat on all sides of each slat.  It took a little while if you count dry time, but I kept randomly coming back to it over the course of an afternoon to rotate & spray each side.

Look how brown our grass still is...the snow literally JUST melted.

After the clear coat had cured, I brought the slats inside to tie together.  I measured out two lengths of rope that were each 2.5x (75ish inches) the overall width of the slats (30ish inches) to make sure to leave enough extra length for the knots between each slat as they use a lot more rope length that going straight from end to end would.  (Hopefully that makes sense?)

I also taped of the end of each piece of rope so it slid through the holes easier & didn't unravel at all as I went down each row.  I'm smart like that.  :)

Then I strung the rope through, & tied knots between each slat so they didn't butt up against each other.  Everyone needs their personal space.

Random strange thought: Let me just take a minute to ponder why, if we are supposedly evolved from apes, did we not keep their handy dandy grabby feet?  I'm serious...if we indeed evolved into superior beings like a lot of folks believe, would we not have kept our "ancestors'" best qualities?!  How often could you use another foot hand?  I've often thought about how nice it would be to have a tail too...better balance, could swing from branches, carry shopping bags, etc.  Yeah, I'm weird...but think about it!

Case in point...if I had a monkey foot it would have been a whole lot easier holding the slats while pulling knots tight...just saying!

Moving on...

After my hands were raw & tired from tying 40ish knots, I was left with this beaut!  Isn't she purty?!  I'm so glad I sanded her down.  I only wish I was aging as nicely...

Oh!  And now for the reversible case you're in a "natural" mood...  I feel like it could be really cool in a bathroom.  You know, if you sealed it with some Spar finish or something?

Also, be sure to check out what EmilyKatie, & Sherry did!

It's time to share your projects!


  1. Oh my gosh that's so cool!!!! Love it!

  2. I love that doormat! The fact that it's reversible was a genius move...that way if you get tired of the color you can always flip it! (or vice versa). Yay for the Pinterest Challenge!

  3. I love it! If only we all aged as beautifully as furniture and wood... I may have to pin this and do this for the next pinterest challenge ;) Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Thanks for hosting the Pinterest Challenge! I love seeing what projects people have taken on! Your Slat Doormat turned out super cute!! I love that you can flip it over for a plan wood look too depending on your mood!

  5. This is really, really cute!!I think I'll have to try it. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Wow, really cute. I'm a new Bloglovin follower. Found you from Bower Power. Thanks for hosting the challenge.

  7. You are brilliant! Your mat turned out so great. It would make me happy to walk up to my door every day and see THAT! Thanks for hosting.

  8. Love this door mat!! Awesome idea and thank you so much for some beautiful inspiration!

  9. This looks amazing - great job! I'm going to have to steal this idea, our door mat has seen better days.

  10. Love the mat :) Might make one like that :) Especially like that it's reversible!

    As for grabby feet... While it was an aside, I'd just like to say that evolution doesn't work that way! Evolution doesn't say that we evolved from apes. Both humans and apes evolved from a common ancestor, who may or may not have had "grabby feet". Additionally, evolution doesn't necessarily have to be positive (so there isn't "devolution", despite the term popping up places) or wholly positive.

    1. Thanks!

      I'm for sure not an evolution expert...& totally didn't mean to offend or upset anyone...I was just having a little fun with a random thought that popped into my head! (I could really use grabby feet!) :)

    2. Totally not upset - it's so difficult to get tone across online :) I grew up in an area of the US where evolution wasn't taught and had to learn about it on my own, so I'm never sure if people aren't familiar with it or are joking. I could totally use grabby feet (though I'll leave the bug picking habits and such to them)

    3. Yeah...they can keep the bugs. For sure. :)

    4. Also to add my 2 cents to the evolution discussion... We did in fact evolve from ape-like creatures that were adapted to living in trees and did have more grabby feet (opposable big toes if you will, the better to grab branches and climb trees). However, once human-like ancestors took to the African savannas away from the jungles and start walking and running, grabby feet were a trait that was lost; since they were no longer living in trees, it was no longer needed or beneficial. In fact, it would be harder to walk with grabby feet than our current feet.

      Here's a brief wikipedia entry about it

      and a funny picture:

  11. How freakin cute. I love it!! And I really like that it is reversable. Great job!

  12. This is awesome! I just pinned it so I can keep it in mind for the next Pinterest Challenge.
    Do you have a post about your blue floor? I'm thinking of painting our back porch. Thanks for hosting!

    1. Hi! Thanks!

      I don't have a post specifically about the blue floor, but if you go to the "our home" section or this post you can see a few more pictures!

      Go for it & paint your porch! Such a fun place to hang out!

  13. Total genius, what an amazing project. Makes me want to go out and buy stuff right meow for my house!

    P.S. I'm a random thinker too! You're monkey thing, dang you evolution!

  14. Haha. First time I've read your blog (over from the Pinterest Challenge), but I'll be an avid reader now. Not only are your projects UHmazing, your random monkey thoughts sold me. So true. So, so true. :)

  15. That is really awesome. I kinda really really liked the painted side, but the plain wood side made my heart flutter. It's gorgeous!

  16. This is really cool! It almost presents an optical illusion of the slats being triangular in shape...I had to look twice, but I see that it is the pattern that tricks the eye. Nice job!

  17. This is really cool! It almost presents an optical illusion of the slats being triangular in shape...I had to look twice, but I see that it is the pattern that tricks the eye. Nice job!

  18. Cute! I love that it is reversible!

  19. Way to go Renee!!! Great job.

  20. I love this! I have totally seen these on pinterest and wanted to attempt one. Love your tutorial! I may have to give it a try!

    1. Do it! It was seriously simple...& cheap! I think it cost me like $11 for the wood & rope.

  21. OMG! I LOVE this! Suuuuuper cute!

  22. That, my friend, is very impressive looking! I'd be too scared to step on it!! Haha.

  23. Thanks for hosting! Consider me your newest follower : ] I love your mat!

  24. That turned out great. I want to try it now. I love the way you laid out the tutorial.

  25. I love this! I'm going to have to add a wood door mat to my project list...

  26. So neat! I wish I had more tools so I could do something like this. Came out great!

  27. This is beautiful! I love that it is reversible. I totally would not have the patience to paint all of those individual colors but it really looks great...such a cheery greeting at the door! :) Thanks for hosting!

  28. This doormat is insanely gorgeous. Really really looks incredible!

  29. Super cute. Curious- did you make it just for looks or does it really function well as a doormat to wipe your feet?

  30. Just wanted to say hi. I'm from MN too! Your doormat is awesome by the way. :-)

  31. I love the colours you chose for the doormat. And of course it's reversible in case someone super inportant and colour phobic drops around :o)

  32. OMG I love this!!! Now I want to make one!! Good job!! ;)

  33. Renee!! This mat is awesome!! I think I might just have to make one now.

  34. This is SO gorgeous! I totally want to try this now!

  35. I think this is my favorite project! (sshhhh, don't tell the others ;) ). Probably because I have a TON of scrap 2x2's laying around from various projects and now I know what to do with those guys, YAY! I love how you made one side natural and the other so colorful, a doormat that can change with your moods! Pinning this for sure! What color stain did you use on them? -Your newest follower (I really like your blog and how fun you make!)

    1. Hi! Thanks!

      It's minwax dark walnut. I use it on everything!

  36. Very nice! I haven't seen anything quite like this before. I love that you can flip it for less or more paint. Is it pretty light?

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

    1. It's not real light at all...pretty much like lifting four 8 foot 2x2's. Maybe 10-15 pounds? The nice thing is that it doesn't shift or move at all when you step on it!

  37. really awesome! i like the colors and the used look!!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

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